About Us

Hello, I'm Maria!

     I am from Mexico but I have been living in the Bay area for the past 9
years. I live with my husband and my beautiful daughter Millaray who is 12 years old. Millaray is the main reason I got interested in the Early Childhood Education field, she was in different child centers since she was 15 months old, however, during this period I noticed that some centers had little information related to Early childhood education.

      I respect the experience that some people have in the early childhood field although it is important to have education because it gives people better knowledge and skills they require to work with children. I am currently taking classes in Early childhood education at the College of Marin, as well I have been taking trainings. My certifications and units are always available for parents. 

     As a mother I know how difficult is to leave you child in a complete strange place that is why we establish an open communication to build a strong partnership that will help children in their development.

Our Philosophy

     We believe that family is very essential in the child development so that is why we want family to be involved and an active member in the program.

We do not believe in punishment as Magda Gerbet said “All children accomplish milestones in their own way, in their own time.” We believe that a punishment will only pause the problem, in this center we acknowledged the problem and look for a solution along with the children’s emotions.

In this center we want children to learn through play, our curriculum emerges from children’s interests, we often do observations that will help us to meet and assess the children’s needs.

Our program is based in the California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks for children from 0 -3 years old. In our program we offer cooking classes, dance classes, and recently we had incorporated cucu’s playhouse that will be two times a month. As well, we do tea parties, we go for walks to the park, and much more.We want to make families happy, they are raising children that might be future lawyers, doctors or maybe a president, children are the future.

La casa del Sol is certified by

 Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) for Marin County. 

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