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El Salón Azul

In the blue room are children 2 and up. Here children learn colors, numbers, basic geometric shapes and participate in science class, cooking, music, art and crafts. They are part of observations outside of childcare that will reinforce their learning. We have our circle time in Spanish and in English, one to say good morning and another to say goodbye. 

Here, too, children learn to recognize their emotions and to know how to calm themselves, to recognize and value the emotions of others. We teach them to solve problems by always participating in the solution. Hymns also enjoy parties where they have fun and have the opportunity to share their culture through food. Our goal with children of this age is for them to come out the best prepared for kindergarten.

El Salón Amarillo

This yellow living room was designed for the smallest of our place where babies are located, babies from 4 months to 24 months. In this room the babies learn the Spanish language, we read, sing and play with them in Spanish. Here they find the appropriate toys for their development. We work with their gross and fine motor, cognitive and language development, babies go for walks in a stroller and enjoy their free time playing with children of the same age. 

Babies and toddlers meet at 11:00 am to play and share. Babies have different schedules than toddlers and they are getting used to following schedules so babies use custom schedules until 20 months. Each schedule is discussed with the parents. 

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