Welcome to La Casa del Sol! We’re proud to introduce you to our dedicated team, each member bringing their own unique expertise and passion to our community. Our staff’s diverse backgrounds and commitment to education create a nurturing and enriching environment for every child. Meet the wonderful individuals who make our educational community so special:



Maria is a Master Teacher certified in early childhood education, specializing in programs for infants, toddlers, and children with special needs. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education at the University of Riverside under the guidance of Dr. Guillermina Hernández, Maria is dedicated to developing education programs for Latina women. As the founder of La Casa del Sol, Maria’s mission is to provide every child with the best education in a safe, nurturing environment. She emphasizes seeing early childhood through children’s perspectives, employing effective teaching practices to ensure the continued and successful journey of children’s education. Maria believes early childhood forms the basis of academic life and is committed to delivering high-quality education by creating healthy and safe environments, relevant curriculums, and secure spaces at La Casa del Sol.



Roxana grew up in Guatemala and is a professional accountant with a beautiful 7-year-old daughter who inspires her every day. Since joining La Casa del Sol in 2023, Roxana has passionately dedicated herself to nurturing the youngest children. She loves sharing positive stories about her native Guatemala and teaching Spanish, enriching the children’s multicultural experiences.


MISS Joseline

Originally from Guatemala, Joseline moved here when she was 20. With her background as an elementary school teacher, she loves being close to children and teaching them about the natural world. Joseline has been with La Casa del Sol since 2024, enjoying activities like nature walks, natural art, and dance, and loves to embark on outdoor projects with the children.

Adam Cheise


Millaray is Maria’s daughter and shares her mother’s passion for nurturing young minds. She is currently an art and project teacher for children at La Casa del Sol, working under the supervision of Miss Maria or Miss Roxana. Millaray is passionate about helping children explore life through art and creativity. She has been with us since 2022 and is preparing for her final year of high school.


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