Healthy Eating Program

A crucial part of a child’s development is healthy eating. As children begin to form habits, it is vital to provide them with a balanced diet. Before the age of two, children should not consume sugar, which underscores the importance of introducing them to a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and fresh foods from the start. La Casa del Sol does not permit foods such as sweets, juices, cookies, or any foods high in sugar. We encourage parents to pack healthy options like fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy products for their daily meals.

  • La Casa del Sol also offers a daily healthy meal service for $15 per day, providing children with two healthy snacks and a balanced lunch.

Extra Classes PriceS

$ 60 Per Month PER CHILD

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

La Casa del Sol offers an additional service to pick up and drop off children at their homes each day for an extra charge:

  • One way (pick-up or drop-off): $25 per week
  • Roundtrip (pick-up and drop-off): $40 per week
  • Occasional (pick-up or drop-off): $15 per day, or $25 per day for both pick-up and drop-off (subject to availability)

Forms required for using the transportation service are available, as well as forms for one-day use.




La Casa del Sol is certified by

 Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) for Marin County. 

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