Our curriculum is based on the California State Creative Curriculum. We have adopted this curriculum over the years by implementing it with several of our students to ensure an appropriate Spanish immersion curriculum. We ensure that each age group works with the appropriate curriculum for their age. At Casa del Sol, we also celebrate cultural diversity and aim for our students to learn from each culture. This helps them develop respect for different ways of thinking and living to which children are exposed. Surrounding children with rich cultural diversity at an early age helps them identify and appreciate their own culture, fostering a more open mind and recognizing the power and benefits of diversity and inclusion.



We create an immersive language environment for children by incorporating music, engaging in meaningful conversations, enjoying shared reading experiences, and enthusiastically supporting play that introduces new vocabulary.

Gross Motor

We actively encourage and inspire sports participation. Our weekly soccer classes, for instance, promote children’s physical growth by instilling the habit of exercise from an early age. Taking walks is also a delightful part of nurturing this practice.

Fine Motor

We are dedicated to nurturing holistic child development, tailoring our approach to each individual’s strengths. Our focus encompasses comprehensive growth, utilizing instructional materials woven seamlessly into their daily activities and play, fostering a well-rounded learning experience.


We engage children in a Spanish bilingual vocabulary, nurturing robust cognitive growth. Our approach is fortified with puzzles and number games that encourage critical thinking, while everyday activities provide opportunities for collaborative problem-solving, guiding children towards discovering solutions as a team.


La Casa del Sol is certified by

 Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) for Marin County. 

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