Salon Amarillo

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In our cozy salon in Amarillo, we embrace our little ones. These children are stepping into their very first experiences outside of home, and here they meet our nurturing Miss Elida. She’s not only the mother of two beautiful children, Genesis (9 years old) and Elias (5 months old), but she’s also been an essential part of La Casa del Sol.

Miss Elida takes impeccable care of all our babies’ needs, from diaper changes and feedings to bottle care and more. Moreover, she expertly plans engaging activities like neighborhood strolls, park visits, picnics, water play, sensory exploration, joyful sing-alongs, and captivating story sessions. Our babies revel in an environment designed just for them, complete with age-appropriate toys that are safe and gentle.

Parents stay seamlessly connected with our teacher through our parent app, ensuring direct messages and building a sense of trust. Beyond that, our little ones also enjoy some special activities, including a monthly Jamaroo class and an exciting “Cucus play day” each month.

Salon Azul

ratio 7:1

In our loved “Salon Azul,” we greet our adventurous little souls who are all set for the next exciting journey. Here, we foster the transition and preparation for their early school experiences, whether it’s TK, preschool, or kindergarten. This space typically embraces children aged 17 months to 3.5 years, though youngsters up to 5 years old are heartily welcomed.

Our affectionate Miss Roxana presides over this room, bringing with her the experience of being a mother to a 7-year-old girl. Assisting her is a dedicated teacher’s Aide, ensuring personalized attention. This room is a hub of diverse activities including educational excursions, nature exploration, expressive arts, sensory play, culinary adventures, scientific discoveries, recycling initiatives, and Jamaroo Kids-led music sessions twice a month. There’s also a special “Cucus play day” and library outings.

Amid these activities, the children learn invaluable social skills such as sharing, patience, and taking turns. Our multicultural environment enriches their understanding of diverse lifestyles, showcased through our celebrated festivals. La Casa del Sol also cherishes family bonds, offering events where children can make beautiful memories alongside their loved ones.

Regarding potty training, we follow each child’s readiness cues. We provide gentle encouragement with songs and books, ensuring a positive approach aligned with each child’s pace.


La Casa del Sol is certified by

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